When You Need Real Estate Attorneys: Blogs for Property Buyers

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When You Need Real Estate Attorneys: Blogs for Property Buyers

In most cases, buying real estate is pretty straightforward. However, in some cases such as when you are buying a foreclosure, using a special type of loan or taking on a dilapidated building, it isn't as easy and you need a real estate attorney. If you are new to the real estate world, it can be hard to know when an attorney is critical. Hi, my name is Molly, and over the years, I have bought multiple pieces of real estate -- some to resale, some to live in and some to rent out. I have to take a break from buying property so decided to keep my mind sharp writing a blog. I hope these posts help you.


3 Strategies For Getting Your Home Conveyancing Undertaken To Your Satisfaction

When it comes to property buying, there are several legal steps involved that can end up being cumbersome for a regular person to deal with. Property conveyancing is a procedure where the ownership of a legal property title is transferred from one person to the next. This guide equips you with smart strategies to get property conveyancing done to your satisfaction.

Choose A Conveyancer That Specialises In The Type Of Property You're Buying

Some property conveyancers specialise in commercial properties, while others specialise in dealing with residential properties. Within residential properties, a few conveyancers may be better known for apartments and units, while others are well known for freestanding homes. Since you may not know much about the property conveyancing process, your best option is to choose a conveyancer that specialises in the type of property you are buying. The Australian Institute of Conveyancers is the representative body for professional conveyancers in the country. Look for specialist members of this body to represent you because they are supported with regular trainings and are fully updated with respect to latest developments in practices, legislations and services to offer you informed advice at all times.

Be Clear About The Fees To Avoid Any Miscommunication Later

Before working with a property conveyancing company or professional, be sure to check and confirm the fees that will be charged for the services offered and get a written contract to avoid any discrepancies or miscommunication later. Some conveyancers charge flat fees, while others charge variable fees. The cost of property conveyancing can range from $900 to $2,200 and will depend entirely on the person you work with. The cost is also typically linked to the complexity of the property. Keep in mind that some costs like title searches, council building certificates and land tax clearance certificates may be charged separately from regular fees as expenses.

Get Someone To Work For You Instead Of For The Seller

Many property conveyancing companies work for both buyers and sellers, but it can cause challenges when issues arise during a home sale, which may not be in your best interest. It may be more prudent for you to hire someone who works independently in your best interests to ensure that nothing goes wrong during the transaction. By engaging your own property conveyancer, you can rest easy in the knowledge that your new home is in good hands.

Follow these smart strategies for getting property conveyancing undertaken to your satisfaction.