When You Need Real Estate Attorneys: Blogs for Property Buyers

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When You Need Real Estate Attorneys: Blogs for Property Buyers

In most cases, buying real estate is pretty straightforward. However, in some cases such as when you are buying a foreclosure, using a special type of loan or taking on a dilapidated building, it isn't as easy and you need a real estate attorney. If you are new to the real estate world, it can be hard to know when an attorney is critical. Hi, my name is Molly, and over the years, I have bought multiple pieces of real estate -- some to resale, some to live in and some to rent out. I have to take a break from buying property so decided to keep my mind sharp writing a blog. I hope these posts help you.


What Conveyancing Services May Include for a Buyer

When buying a new home, you would do well to hire a conveyancer. This is a professional who helps you through the buying process and ensures everything is done properly and as legally required. Note what conveyancing services may include for a new homebuyer so you can understand why it's good to hire such a professional when you're ready to make an offer on a house.

1. Composing the terms

Composing the terms of agreement to your purchase is usually the first step to buying a home, and your conveyancer can have this done. He or she will ensure that you understand the terms of the agreement and will negotiate those terms with the seller if necessary. It's vital that these terms be agreed upon before you take the next steps to buy a home so everyone understands what is required of them and has agreed upon your offer or counteroffer for the home.

2. Property searches

There are many searches that are involved with buying property and your conveyancer can determine which are best for your property and will ensure they get done properly. These searches may include checking for flood risks and if there are liens on the property. A water authority search will tell you if any planned extensions or construction will interfere with current water lines. An environmental search will tell you if there is contaminated land or water on or near the property. 

Specific searches may need to be done in certain areas. For example, you might want to check on noise abatement zones or if public paths run through the property. A chancel repair search will tell you if there are liabilities on the property that pay for church repairs, and these are rare but the search may be done in certain areas where such liability is more common.

3. Mortgage

A conveyancer can actually go through your mortgage application and offer from your lender and note if you can meet the terms and if you understand the conditions. They can also plan the mortgage valuation, which is an inspection to ensure that the property provides proper security for the mortgage loan. He or she can also arrange for building insurance, as this is typically required by the mortgage lender before they release funds. Your conveyancer can explain all your obligations for these aspects of receiving your mortgage and ensure they are all done in a timely manner so that nothing is delayed in the buying process.

For more information and assistance, contact a law firm, such as Woodgate Lawyers, that specialises in conveyancing services.